Dallas Fashion Institute and Museum

Heidi Dillion, has a dream of starting a fashion institute and museum in Dallas, Texas in hope of turning the city into a Fashion Capital. The new institute and museum will be located in the center of the Dallas Arts District, a developing area for the arts scene.

The fashion institute is spatially divided into public, education and administrative sections giving the students and administrations privacy. The education department will house eight classrooms and eight work studios along with a digital lab and library. The museum department will include an exhibit floor and a multipurpose room that will double as a runway. The “entrance tower” is completely transparent serving as a beacon for the institute and welcomes the public to interact with the building. The secondary facade on serves as a shading system during the day and at night it filters and diffuses the light onto the surrounding streets. The perforated screens on the secondary facade are an abstract version of how garments are made through layers and parts.

A central courtyard is the main focal point, designed for students to gather and mingle while promoting outside activities and events for the city. The museum and multipurpose spaces will be on the main floor on the southern side to invite passing pedestrian into the space. Large floor-to-ceiling windows in the two spaces open to the outdoors to help promote the main idea of outdoor activities and events for the community.