Mod_Tube is designed to stimulate a person’s senses and create paths both physically and visually. There are nine pylons that are designed to sit in a modular grid, three of which have LED’s for places that are dark. Each pylon is equipped with several cardboard tubes that have been modify to be waterproof and help stimulate a person’s senses.

Stimulation of vision occurs when the user looks into the cardboard tubes where the acrylic tube and a modified acrylic sheets distorts the person’s vision. On each cardboard tube, different coarse of roughness were created to stimulate the sense of touch. The third but not final sense stimulated is hearing. When wind blows across the opening, a low hum can be heard or if the user puts their ear into one of the tubes, sound would resonate inside the tube stimulating the sense of hearing. All five sense can actually be stimulated if the user wanted to smell or lick the tubes.