Nature’s Canopy

University of Kansas’ Field Station and Ecological Reserves (KSR), located in northern Lawrence, KS, is in need of a sheltered gathering place. This structure will need to be adaptable to different events and occasions such as: classes, meditation, performances, exhibition and a place to rest from the trails.

The way geometric origami works is very similar to how nature works. Pieces are able to layer and attach to each other flawlessly, even if they are made of different materials and they never seem out of place.

Using the philosophy of biomimicry and the characteristics of geometric origami, the organic open structure imitates the flow between the various heights of trees in a dense wooded area and creating a transition between the wooded area to the grass plains. The different size of openings in the canopy casts a warm shadow in the space below, making it a more enjoyable and relaxing space.